How reach us

Rifugio Mello

Cascina Piana, Val di Mello
23010 Val Masino (SO) – Italia

Practical information on how to reach us

Val di Mello is a small valley without driveways, located at the end of Val Masino, a cross  valley on the North side of Valtellina. After driving along the main road from Lecco along the shore of Lake Como, when you arrive in Colico, follow the direction to Sondrio. At Ardenno (a small town 7 km after Morbegno), you have to turn left following Val Masino. After about 16 km, you come to San Martino, the highest village of the Val Masino, situated at the beginning of Val di Mello.

In January 2009, the Lombardy Region has recognized Val di Mello as a nature reserve, thus becoming the largest protected area of Lombardy. Access to the Val di Mello is allowed in 2 ways:

  • on foot, parking the car in San Martino and following the direction for Val di Mello.
  • with your car, until the end of the road, after purchasing the day pass at the info point in San Martino.

At the end of the road, begins the real journey to the heart of the Val di Mello through a wide mule track, almost completely flat, easy and affordable by everyone, through a range of meadows and next to wondrful river.

Following the trail for 10 min. about, you reach Ca’ di Carna, near a lovely bridge that leads to a group of lodge on the other side of the valley. We continue forward, without crossing the bridge, and after another 10 minutes, we reach the Cascina Piana (m. 1092), where at the beginning of the group of lodge, on the right, there is Rifugio Mello.